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Harald H. Vogt, Founder & Chief Marketer

The Scent Marketing Institute was founded by Harald Vogt in 2004. Before concentrating on scent marketing as an emerging marketing approach, Harald gathered extensive experience in establishing, building and managing advertising and media-related companies. An avid marketer, Harald heard about the power of scent and its uses in marketing and investigated further. Excited about its possibilities, he channeled his energy into seeking out forward-thinking early scent marketers worldwide and bringing them together in the Scent Marketing Institute to spread the word. He quickly became the global expert on scent marketing, and was quoted as a subject matter expert by journalists in numerous publications and websites.

With Vogt Communications, he developed market entry strategies for companies seeking representation and distribution in the U.S. and Europe. Former clients included a US-based manufacturer of scent-sampling technology best known for its ScentStrip® and a German firm providing early scent delivery systems. He helped secure venture capital and operate an on-line/off-line print-on demand service both in the U.S. and European markets. He also developed and marketed the concept of advertising on ATM’s, later absorbed by American Express. Harald was a member of the education, outreach and PR team for NASA, Boeing and the participating international space agencies related to the construction of the International Space Station.

In July 2010, Harald suddenly passed away. Harald was well-respected and loved throughout the world. We continue to build on and expand his legacy. At our annual conference, we honor his memory by giving out the Harald Vogt Scent Marketer of the Year SMItty award to the individual who has been most influentiual in the industry that year.